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What is Insulclock?

Insulclock qué es

Insulclock is a system formed by a free mobile application and the Insulclock® device that is attached to the insulin pens, converting them into intelligent pens. In addition, the system is integrated with multiple glucometers, so that your glucose levels and your insulin doses will appear in your app, as if by magic! You will be able to know if you have already taken your insulin, you can have reminders when you have to take your insulin, know if your pen has been exposed to not optimal temperatures and much more. And if you are a relative of a person with diabetes, you can be informed of everything that happens.

Why do you need Insulclock?

Insulclock te dice si te has puesto la insulina
Did I take my insulin?

Insulclock knows when, how much and which type of Insulin did you use. No more doubts!

Insulclock rellena automáticamente el cuaderno del diabético
From your insulin pen to the app

Use your pen as usual and the insulin dose will automatically appear in the application, it's that easy.

Del glucómetro a la app
From your glucometer to the app

You do the controls with a compatible glucometer and the results appear directly in the insulclock app.

Insulclock lleva un registro de tus comidas y de los carbohidratos
Register your meals or your notes in the app

Register your meals with Insulclock easily. Keep track of your carbohydrates.

Insulclock te recuerda que debes ponerte la insulina
Get reminders to take your insulin

Do you forget to take the insuilna? The device and the app will warn you at the scheduled time.

Insulclock tiempo de inyección de insulina
Do you respect the 10 sec. Injection?

Insulclock counts these 10 seconds that has to last the injection.

Recibe avisos si tu familiar ha tenido una hipoglucemia o hiperglucemia.
You can know if your family member has had a hypo/hyperglycemia.

Receive notifications when the application detects a hypo/hyperglycemia.

Insulclock te dice si tu familiar se ha puesto la insulina
You can know if your family member has taken the insulin

You can know if your relative has taken the insulin, the type of insulin and the number of units.

Recibe avisos si tu familiar no se ha puesto la insulina
Did my child inject his or her insulin?

Insulclock sends you emails in real time when your child does his or her insulin injection.

< Insulclock registra la temperatura de tu insulina
At what temperature has the insulin been exposed?

Insulclock knows if the insulin has been exposed to inadequate temperatures.

Recibe recordatorios para hacerte controles de glucemia.
Get reminders to measure your glucose.

You can receive notifications 15 minutes after a hypoglycemia, 2 hours after you have taken your insulin and much more.

Insulclock te hace la vida más sencilla
Everything is much easier with Insulclock

Make your life as easy as possible with Insulclock®. Save time and improve the management of your diabetes.

Start enjoying Insulclock

The Insulclock device is recarbable and is purchased only once.

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    “At the end many times we make decisions based on what we live every day, but we do not realize that the data is the value that give you the most, and in this sense, Insulclock has been my greatest discovery.”
    Patricia Santos
    — Vive tu diabetes
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    “For me Insulclock is absolutely necessary when you are in your routine, is when I feel the need, because it makes you feel calm knowing whether you have injected or not, and this is fundamental. Furthermore, with Insulclock you take the habit of insulinizing yourself well.”
    Edu Callejo
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    “My main problem at the beginning was when I had to inject the long-acting insulin in the morning. As a mum, I woke up every day and started having breakfast with my kids and then we rushed to the school without injecting my insulin. Thanks to Insulclock it does not happen anymore because it warns me!”
    — Mamá con diabetes

They have it clear. Do you still have doubts?

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The best diabetes app

  • Records the insulin doses, the glucose, pictures of your meals and notes.
  • In the forthcoming versions you will be able to register your oral doses or your exercise sessions.
  • You can see your information in a list or in a graph, or better in both.
  • If you use Insulclock, the insulin dose will automatically be transferred to the app.
  • With compatible glucometers, you will see the glucose level in the app.
  • Multiple reminders so you never forget to put your insulin.
  • Reminders so you do not forget to measure your glucose 1/2 hour/s after bolus.
  • Reminders to measure your glucose 15 minutes after a hypo/hyper.
  • Warns you if the temperature is not optimal for your pen (if you use Insulclock®).
  • Warns you if you have just a few units of insulin in your pen left (if you use Insulclock®).
  • Helps you to improve your insulin administration (if you use Insulclock®).
  • Add tutors who will receive emails when you put the insulin, when you do not put it at the time you had scheduled or when you are in hypo or hyper.
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The Insulclock app is without doubt the best insulin application. It has been elaborated with endocrines, educators and people with diabetes type 1, type 2 or type 3 around the world and a wonderful pioneer R&D development team in Europe.

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    Graphs with your glucose, your insulin doses and your meals.
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    Automatic detection of insulin injections.
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    Reminds you to put your insulin.
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    Reminds you to measure your glucose after a hypoglycemia or a hyperglycemia.
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    Detailed information about you insulin and glucose.
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There is no other equivalent system

The system that will completely change your everyday management and control of diabetes.

Get your Insulclock device for 249€

Pay once and use it all your life. Available instalment payment.

  • The best diabetes app
  • Automatic diabetic notebook
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Improve your adherence to treatment
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